Group Class Q & A

Here is a breakdown of some of the most common questions about your group class. Find what is best for you!

Most Common Questions About Social Dance

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Are group classes or private lessons best?

The best answer is to use both. Use your group class to learn new material and private lessons to refine and polish. Arm styling, frame adjustments to add the finesse you are looking for is best learned in a private format.

What is the difference between pre-beginning and Bronze?

Although a couple with no dance experience can start with a bronze class, however, a pre-beginning has a clearer focus on lead, follow and connection. Both follow the DIVIDA Bronze (Beginning) Syllabus.

Is it easy to learn?

Most couples will report it to be a more cerebral activity at first, but soon the body will take over with the newly acquired muscle memory. From that point, it becomes a very enriching activity for everyone. This makes a wonderful date night.

Most Common Questions About Our Program

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What is the best protocol?

It is best for new dancers to start off with a pre-beginning class in preparation to moving into a Bronze class. Pre-beginning classes run from late fall to late spring.

We will never make you rotate in your group class, but this does come at a price. While taking a social dance class, it is important to be social. Non rotation does not equate non social. Please learn to get to know others taking your class. We want to be creating a great repore with each other.

How do we dress?

Wear what you feel comfortable and provides a free flowing movement. Street shoes are not permitted on the dance floor. If you are a pre-beginner, you may wear socks as the patterns you will be learning will be simplified. Those dancing in a bronze level class and above are required to have dance shoes. Most are ordering these off Amazon. A brushed sued bottomed shoe is best.

What about dance events?

Dance events are provided to students on a monthly basis during the dance season (Fall-Spring). This is the perfect way to dress up and have someplace fun to go and use what you have been learning. You will need to be dancing outside of class to aid in memory. Besides getting to know other couples, it is the best way to continue your dance education.

Be sure to check our schedule as we have had to augment the event schedule often over the pandemic.

Most Common Questions About Competitive Dance.

Can we compete?
Yes, however, you don't need to compete to take group classes. It is only offered as an option. Just let us know and we will point you in the right direction.
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How long before we are ready to compete?
It is important not to stick to the wrong belief that you need to be dancing at a championship level to compete. Most  everyone who competes will start before they end their first year of dancing.
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Can we wait longer?
Waiting longer to compete is not recommended. Striking while the iron is hot proves much better results than if you were to wait. Over my career, I have witnessed too many put off entering as beginners and once they do start, they sometimes start at a disadvantage.
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