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Ballroom Private Lessons

Group Class Registration.

                Pre Beginning.                                 Beginning- Intermediate.                            Advanced.                                          Performance.

Step 1. Open and Print Out A Registration Form.

Please print out two copies. One is to be signed and brought with you to your first lesson. The other is for your records.

Step 2. Paying For Your Class Pass.

Meridian studio:

If no link is provided for an online purchase, you may optionally bring in a check made out to Dance Arts Academy for your Class Pass as the office is not staffed on Friday nights.

Nampa studio:

If no link is provided for online purchase, you may optionally bring in a check made out to Lori Gonzales for your Class Pass as the studio no longer hires office personnel.

Step 3. Arrival.

Please arrive a few minutes early to turn in your registration form and pay for your Class Pass. A Class Pass will need to be created for you before your class starts. Your first lesson is free on your first paid card.


Ballroom dance shoes are only suggested, but not required at the beginning level. If you choose to purchase a ballroom dance shoe, you may either do so at the Dance Closet in Boise or order them on Amazon. If you choose not to purchase dance shoes, you are welcome to dance in clean socks as street shoes are not allowed on the wood flooring. Dance shoes are required in the Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

Please wear something comfortable to dance in. I prefer the term "Classy Causal". Wearing more formal attire is used at our dance events, so save your more formal wear for those occasions.

Covid Protocol

Covid 19

While Idaho is still struggling with this virus, it is important to maintain current protocols put in place for our safety.  Masks are required in the lobby area of all teaching locations. Masks are currently not required on the dance floor during your class as we are able to socially distance from each other, but they are suggested.

Please wash your hands before entering the dance floor. Please stay home if you are feeling ill.

It is important that you stay apprised of any changes to these protocols as numbers climb (and hopefully fall). You may do this by joining our newsletter here.

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 Heath Tuscany Photography,

Elaine W., Student