Have an Event or Cruise Coming up?

Have an Event or Cruise Coming up?

Be better prepared for your big event. We can teach you in any couple dance style you prefer.

Improve Your Skills.

Improve Your Skills.

Do you have questions about what you are learning in your group class? Private lessons will allow us to troubleshoot out those issues that only pertain to you.

Social Private: In a Private Room.

Social Private: In a Private Room.

Group classes not teaching you the dance style you are interested in? Register today for a private lesson package in any dance style your prefer!

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Personalized Private Lessons.

Although you are always welcome to pay for your private lesson individually, you will save more money and gain a better understanding with a dance program and a solid associated dance goal.  Social dancing is fun, however dancers who choose to move through a more formal dance program, see quicker results. Their lessons become more structured, focused and more highly enjoyable than social dancing alone. This is also perfect for those certain people who would feel uncomfortable in a group setting where there is a mix of energy and emotions.


I teach beginning through advanced.

Now all that is left is for you to choose which dance you would like to study!

Wedding choreography is not included.
Gift Certificates Available!

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One Lesson: $85.00

One Month Bronze Block

$225/ single or couple.

Three private lessons to be taken in one month. No further commitment. Teaching you basics in just one dance. All lessons must be completed in 30 days.

Three Month Silver Block

$165/month. Single or couple.

Three lessons per month for three consecutive months.

Four Month Gold Block

$155/month. Single or couple.

Three lessons per month for four consecutive months. Additional months may be purchased with contract renewal.

Bronze: Sample a month.                                      Silver: Grow Confidence.                                        Gold: Dedicated Dancers.
Semi Private Lessons

Do you have a group of friends and you would like to learn together?


45 minute sessions (In-studio pricing only).


$95           a group of 3 people

$100         a group of 4 people 

$105         a group of 5 people

$110         a group of 6 people

$115         a group of 7 people

$120         a group of 8 people 

$125         a group of 9 people

$130         a group of 10 people


$200 per hour for a group  of 11 or more.


Most people choose to split the private rate equally between people or couples, making it very affordable and fun! All semi-private fees must be paid in full with one check upon the time of the lesson. Semi-private lessons are sold on an individual basis only. They do not qualify for the packaged rates.

We cannot provide dance entertainment for your event.

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