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Private Lesson Registration.
Private lessons are scheduled by appointment.
1.) Read the full appointment agreement to terms and conditions.
2.) Fill out the registration fields at the right of the page. Once received, I can then send you a schedule.
3.) Submit. By submitting the email, you agree to all policies in the registration agreement.

Registration Agreement.

About Private Lesson Appointments.

Private lessons are created by appointment. I contract my services to the studios in the Treasure Valley that have requested a ballroom program for adults, thereby I rent space out for your lessons. The studio with whom I contract with make their income in part when I place your name down on their master schedule and pay for your reservation. If a student does not cancel a private lesson within 24 hours before a lesson, I am still required by contract to the studio to pay the floor rent for your missed lesson. Too many no shows and late cancellations has the potential to hurt all three parties.

I strive to have a good relationship with those that both trust me enough to teach them and the studios with whom I contract to. The time you reserve with me is for you and no one else. Please do not chronically reschedule, be chronically late or simply not show up to your lesson. It could erode the delicate relationship I am trying to build with you and it can in turn cause me to have difficulties with the relationship I have with the studio that I serve.

Thank you for understanding.

Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy:  Students who do not give 24 hour notice of cancellation, (Including no-shows) will be required to pay the full lesson price. This payment must be paid when you return back to the studio for continuation. Unpaid booking fees will result in the cancellation of all of all future lessons. Outstanding bills over 90 days is turned into collections.

Chronic Cancelling/Rescheduling: Chronic cancelling and rescheduling is not permitted. Lessons cancelled before the 24 hour late cancellation will be charged a $20 rescheduling fee. Fees must be paid on or before the day you return to the studio for continuation. Chronic cancelling / rescheduling of your lesson more than twice in 60 days will result in the forfeiture of all future booked lessons. Outstanding bills over 90 days is turned over to collections.


Payment. All lessons are to be paid by the lesson. Social lesson discounts are only given to those that book all lessons for the month at once.

Booking Lessons: Students may not assume that they have the same booking day/time from week to week. Lessons are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Unless you have specifically booked your lesson on a particular date, time and location with your instructor, the appointment time will be considered available to be booked to another party.


Choreography: Wedding, Show dance or Competitive: All lessons in any and all choreography will need to bring in chosen music on your personal phone. Pricing is for one or two people. Multiple people would be sold at the semi-private pricing.


Payment: Payment may be made either online or by a personal check, made out to Lori Gonzales or exact cash. Payment in full must be received in person on the day of the first lesson. Credit cards cannot be processed on the studio site. Requests for a credit card payment link must be made earlier than 48 hours before the first lesson. All lessons are to be paid by the lesson. Social lesson discounts are only given to those that book all lessons for the month at once. All lessons are non-refundable.


Semi Private Lessons (Private lesson with more than two people) must be paid with one check, by the signer of this contract only.


Returned Checks/ Delinquencies: There is a $20.00 fee for all returned checks and a 10% charge on all delinquencies past 30 days. Delinquencies past 90 days are sent to collections.


Tardy/Early Departure Policy: Those who are tardy to their private lesson will finish their lesson at the previously agreed time. This is to avoid the people who are scheduled after you starting late and a courtesy to your instructor. The instructor will wait no longer than 10 minutes for a tardy lesson, therefore; your appointment cannot be guaranteed after a 10 minute tardy. Likewise, if you are to depart early from your lesson, that time will be considered lost.

Competitive: Those choosing to compete with a signed competitive date receive some of the deepest discounts on private lesson rates. Invested dancers may ask to view the competitive contract pertaining to this service. A copy can be viewed upon studio appointment.


Gifts: You agree to not to provide your instructor with any gift, gratuity, meals, services, barter or dance attire of any kind.


Photo Release: Any photos or video taken of your lessons or performances may be used for promotion.


Lost Items: Lori Gonzales is not responsible for items that are left in the studio. If you leave an item in the studio, it is best if you call the Meridian studio: 345-4832 or the Nampa Studio: 466-1229 to arrange to come in during their business hours to pick up or search for your belongings.


Legal & Code of Conduct Agreement~ Lori Gonzales, Embrace Ballroom, is committed to provide a safe and fun environment in which all students are to learn in a productive way. Accordingly, if anyone enters the studio under the influence of alcohol, or drugs, displays fits of temper, either in person or online, derogatory or harassing emails, destructive, threatening or disruptive behavior, displays inappropriate sexual behavior or is inappropriate in dress, will be required to leave the premises with a package void.


Release Form~ I have read, agree to and understand the above. In accepting and participating in these lessons, I agree that I will not hold Lori Gonzales, Embrace Ballroom, Dance Arts Academy, all instructors, managers, owners or affiliates with these establishments responsible or liable for any injuries or illness that will, have had or may occur during the duration of my dance training. I also agree that I will be financially responsible for any property damage that I may incur.


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