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 About Our Scholarship Program.

Do you love to challenge yourself?

The only difference between a mediocre dancer and a spectacular dancer is  the dedication to accomplish your ideals. Scholarships are not put in place to help you find a more economical way to complete your goals, but to give you the definite direction that you and your partner need to become the best dancers that you can be during your scholarship time with me.When you provide your hard dedication to dance at your personal best, then we would love to provide you and your partner with a way to do it. Full one year scholarships are for couples only.


When it comes to ballroom dance lessons, everyone wants to look accomplished. This method gives you both the best of group classes and private instruction to set you up in the best situation to achieve the quality of ballroom dancing that you want.


We can better build a beginner from the ground up. If you have taken between 0-20 lessons we will start with you at newcomer level and have you finish as a solid bronze dancer. This program is designed to level you up to more polished dancing.


We provide an interview with qualified finalists for a better understanding about what we do. Age is not a factor. All are encouraged to apply. Finalists will be invited to attend an interview to be awarded the free class in December. The new scholarship choice will start group classes the following January.

"The goal of this program is to get one couple to dance at their personal best in one year's time".
Who is E.B. looking for?
1. A couple who is preferably new to dancing, but not required.
2. Scholarships are awarded by willingness to apply consistency, dedication and goal setting.
3. Willingness to challenge yourself.
4. As this is a physical endeavor, you should be in and continue to strive for good physical health.
6. Couples who will not often be leaving the Boise area for long periods of time in 2021.
7. Applications are open to all ages.
8. Those that can be in-studio a very minimum of twice a month. Much more is preferable.
9. A couple who is not looking for a casual experience, but rather an extraordinary experience.
What is Gifted With This Scholarship:
January-February: Beginning Group Classes. Learn how to better connect with lead and follow.
March-April: Intermediate Bronze Group Classes. Learn more intricate patterns.
May-September: Private lessons. We will be working choreography in one song of your choice. The fun really begins!
October-December: Completing your goals. Continuation of group classes until the end of December. Winding down.

2020 Scholarship Application Submission.

My apologies!!!!!!!
Some I phones have difficulty seeing the application form. If this is what you are experiencing, please email me and I would be happy to send you the application questions via email.
 Our application deadline November 30, 2020. Finalists will be emailed for interview and receive an invitation when to  to take a special free class. This class is TBA.  The winning couple will be chosen and notified before New Year's eve and start their journey in January 2021.
A Few Previous Scholarship Winners.

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