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Ballroom Dancing Club


We are Idaho's only ballroom dance program created exclusively for couples.

We understand that couples who come in together, prefer to stay together. This is why we are the only ballroom program in the Treasure Valley that does not rotate partners. Coming in with your spouse or date, you won't have to worry about dancing with strangers. You need only worry about keeping the fun between the two of you.

Of   course   you   can   start   with   a   group   class!

Idaho's only non rotational group classes. We never make you rotate partners!

East Coast Swing * Cha-cha * Tango * Mambo * Salsa * Rumba * Waltz * Foxtrot * Bolero * Night Club Two Step * Jitterbug * Viennese Waltz * Samba * Quickstep * Paso Doble * Jive *  West Coast Swing * Argentine Tango * Hustle * Merengue.

Boise's leading first dance/wedding choreography.


 Over 30 Years in the industry * Teaching beginning through advanced.

Your source for ballroom dance lessons. Offering some of the most affordable pricing on quality instruction. How many times have you told yourself that you wanted to learn to ballroom dance? Ballroom dance lessons can provide fun enrichment to you life. Studies have shown that those who take ballroom dancing lessons make more friends, enjoy a sense of community and wonderful physical benefits. Offering over 35 years of credentialed dance instruction experience. Teaching both beginning through advanced ballroom dance lessons. Either creating a unique first wedding dance, something just for fun or continuation for the serious hobbyist, help is here. Group classes are designed for the dancer as an economic and heavily sequential approach to advancement in your new ballroom dance skills. Private lessons offer the dancer fine tuning to help you look confident on the dance floor.

Ballroom lessons provided in Meridian, Idaho

Are there places to ballroom dance in Boise? Yes! We offer seasonal dance events for your practice pleasure as well as give  you a heads up to  upcoming dance events in the Boise area


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