First Dance

First Dance

Wedding Couple


Special wedding dance choreography for your first dance can add a personalized touch to your wedding reception. Bring in your music on your phone or a CD and we can get you started. I will be able to determine what is best danced to your song and help you make it your own. I offer evening lessons to better fit your work schedule.


You can  avoid that dreaded middle-school grab and sway! Many couples have told me that their time with me is the time that they look forward to the most. Most couples report that it often times planning their wedding dance seems to be a stress release from their other wedding planning activities. I would have to agree!


Another added bonus is that all first dance lessons are priced for two people! What makes me unique is that I am one of the few Ballroom dance instructors in the Boise area who can offer a private floor for your wedding dance lessons.You don't have to share the floor with other students or teachers, allowing you and your partner a more intimate setting in which to learn!

A minimum of 6  - 8 weeks before your wedding to complete your dance is suggested.

One lesson. $90/couple.
Get one lesson in lead/follow style.
Two lesson Package. $180/couple
Get two lessons in lead/follow style.
Wedding choreography packages:

Three lesson package. $255/couple.

Four lesson package: $320/couple.

Five lesson package. $375/couple.

Six lesson package. $420/couple.                           *See a six lesson package example below.

Seven lesson package: $455/couple.
Eight lesson package. $480/couple.                       *See an eight lesson package example below.
Nine lesson package. $495/couple.
Ten lesson package. $500/couple.                          *See a ten lesson package example below.
Information on discounts are given only upon booking package completion.


Brian & Allison. Six lesson package.
When Brian and Allison first came into E.B, they started with zero dance experience. After a short consult we decided to use a six lesson package. With it they were able to create something very nice for their special day and use a  lesson or two so Allison could work with her dad for a father/daughter dance. They were so much fun to work with. We hope to be seeing them again soon.
Olin & Lizzie. Eight lesson package.
Olin & Lizzie wanted to learn a Jive for their first dance. They had no experience with this particular dance, but with youth on their side, ten weeks head start and a lot of hard work, they were able to complete it. Dancing such a fast Jive for this two minute song can be nothing short of exhausting.  You can't even imagine how much fun it was working with them to create such an endearing memory!
Chris & Shanna. Ten lesson Package.
Chris and Shanna came in with their chosen a song that we later created into a Viennese Waltz. This dance is no small task, not to mention that it was a very long four and a half minutes! Neither had previous dance experience, but were up to the task! It was so fun to watch Chris troubleshoot this out as he clearly had the brilliant mind to do this. Shanna pitched in with her strong memorization skills. Together, they knocked this out of the park! I had so much fun with this couple!
Matt & Ariel. Ten lesson Package.
Matt and Ariel have been dancing with E.B. in our non-rotational group classes for over three years. When they were ready to get married, we put together a larger package so that they could have time to dance both a Waltz and an East Coast Swing. Matt and Ariel are still dancing at the studio. Myself along with the friends that they see in their class every week couldn't be happier for them!
Video by Afterglow.
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Pricing for Semi Private Lessons

Do you have a group of friends who would like to learn a special dance? Do you want to do something fun with the whole wedding party? Here are the rates for semi- private lessons.

45 minute sessions (In studio pricing only)

$100         a group of 3 people

$110         a group of 4 people

$120         a group of 5 people

$130         a group of 6 people

$140         a group of 7 people

$150         a group of 8 people

$160         a group of 9 people

$170         a group of 10 people

11+ $240 per lesson.

We do not provide dance entertainment.

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