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Beginners Classes.

Beginners Classes.

Our beginning classes are designed for those with no dance experience. Foundational patterns are taught in a fun way.

Couple Support.

Couple Support.

We support couples dancing together. All group classes do not rotate partners so that you can keep the fun just between the two of you!

Support to Leaders.

Support to Leaders.

Large focus on leading skills for the men. Taught in the three modalities of physical, scientific and practical.

Using Your Ballroom Skills in Boise

Using Your Ballroom Skills in Boise

Complementary parties are provided after every Bronze class to keep you using your new skills. Now you have the best reason to dress up and have fun out on the town!

Dance Lessons for Couples

Dance Lessons for Couples

Grow closer through dance. Make it a date night every week. Fun, monthly dance parties to review previous material and keep your skills up.

Non rotational group classes.
These group classes are designed to keep you together. We are the only group class program that will never ask you to rotate partners. Keep the fun between the two of you.

Sequential learning.
Start at the beginning of the dance syllabus and work towards the end in sequential order. This provides a higher rate of retention in all levels of dance.

Upcoming Group Classes

Shoe Fitting

Pre Beginning Bronze
Group Class.

Pre Beginning Bronze is a preparatory into the Bronze class.
Dancers spend introduction time with the following core 7 dances: Swing, Waltz, Cha-cha, Tango, Rumba, Foxtrot and Mambo. We spend time on the introduction to each dance. 

Because we do not rotate partners to teach lead and following skills, the
primary focus on this course is to acquaint you with better lead/follow skills with your partner. This provides each couple a much better starting point and better transition into the Full Bronze for continuation.

This course is ongoing through May 2024.
At which point dancers are to transfer to the Full Bronze class
Class Pass
Ten Group classes (5 for him and 5 for her) + admission (1 for him & 1 for her) to a Saturday dance event & lesson.
New couples get 1 free class one time.
Hooray! You get five or *six fun filled weeks to share together. If you need to attend a child's ballgame or need to leave town for a week, it's okay! Consistency hiccups are expected. You are automatically gifted an additional week or two on your card to complete your classes & dance event.
*New couples will get 1 additional free class, amounting to six weeks,
Nampa Location:
Feb 1 Beg. Rumba
Feb 22 Beg Mambo
*March 14 Cha-cha

*March 14  will be the last night to join this class for the 2024 season. New dancers will then need to start with the Bronze class for the remainder of 2024.
Meridian Location:
Feb 23 Beg. Mambo
Mar 15 Beg. Cha-ch
*April 5 Beg. Foxtrot.
*April 5 will be the last night to join for the 2024 season. New dancers will need to start with the bronze class for the remainder of 2024.

Please pick the start date that works best for you.

Full Bronze Group Class

This class is for those that have learned the basics and are ready to move up quickly.

1. Starts each new dance with quick review of your basics.
2. Works each dance for six weeks in the same dance.
3. Offers one hour class time.
4. Your class pass is transferable into the full bronze.
5. Offers a longer time period to complete lessons on your card.
6. Working in sequential order from start to finish.
7. Sometimes we can complete the full Bronze syllabus.
8. This class is ongoing in nature and runs year-round.

Six Weeks of Full Bronze Mambo Starts
February 23.
Six Weeks of Full Bronze Foxtrot Starts
April 5.

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