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Beginners Classes.

Beginners Classes.

Our beginning classes are designed for those with no dance experience. Foundational patterns are taught in a fun way.

Couple Support.

Couple Support.

We support couples dancing together. All group classes do not rotate partners so that you can keep the fun just between the two of you!

Support to Leaders.

Support to Leaders.

Large focus on leading skills for the men. Taught in the three modalities of physical, scientific and practical.

Using Your Ballroom Skills in Boise

Using Your Ballroom Skills in Boise

Complementary parties are provided after every Bronze class to keep you using your new skills. Now you have the best reason to dress up and have fun out on the town!

Dance Lessons for Couples

Dance Lessons for Couples

Grow closer through dance. Make it a date night every week. Fun, monthly dance parties to review previous material and keep your skills up.

Non rotational group classes.
These group classes are designed to keep you together. We are the only group class program that will never ask you to rotate partners. Keep the fun between the two of you.

Sequential learning.
Start at the beginning of the dance syllabus and work towards the end in sequential order. This provides a higher rate of retention in all levels of dance.

Upcoming Group Classes

Pre Bronze
Group Class.


Embrace will be posting new begining classes late this fall.

Please join the newsletter to get up-to-date information on changes and class offerings.

Couple Dancing
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September 22 Six week West Coast Swing.

Beyond Bronze Basics
6 weeks in each dance at the begining and intermediate level. Non rotational classes. We try to sequentially cover the whole bronze syllabus in six weeks.
Friday nights, 7:30pm-8:30pm.
Meridian location.

As this class is currently in progress, we will continue meeting over the fall months unless otherwise noted.

 This class is currently on summer hiatus.

Advanced 1 Silver Group Class
6 weeks of each dance at the Advanced 1 level. Non rotational classes. We try to sequentially cover the first half of the Silver syllabus in six weeks.

Monday Nights 8:00-9:00
Nampa Location.


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